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Welcome to Nanjing!
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Travel guide of Nanjing

>>Imperial tomb of the bright filial piety
It is the bury of same grave mausoleum of Ming Dynasty emperor as a founder of the state ZhuYuanZhang and queen Ma, located under the WanZhufeng of south of Zijing mountain Dulong mound, the east adjoin Zhong Shan Tomb, border on plum blossom mountain in the south, It is the Nanjing most heavy emperor's tomb, it is one of largest emperor's mausoleums in ancient times of our country too. The mound of Dulong abuts the highest peak in Zhong Mount in the north, the forest gully is deep and serene, purple air transpiration, cloud mist mountain color, fluctuate infinite, have " person who send strange mountain range more from ancient times, the statements of a thousand clouds are not a form ". South of the mountains is open plain and deep and remote the previous lake vaguely, the sunshine is happy and harmonious, the wind is breezy, vigorous. Near the mountain and by the river, face south, may really be called the treasured place.
build project of Bright filial piety imperial tomb start building from big military 14 year, until Hongwu 16 years finish major projects as Xiang hall, the whole building of cemetery park came to an end until the 11th year of Yongle, it lasted 32 years from beginning to end, put 100,000 Workers to use. Its total arrangement is divided into two parts: First, the way of the spirits of the guide building, second, the subject building of the mausoleum. Along way of the spirits being as follows, sequentially Get down from horse workshop, Jinyue Tablet, Dajin door, supernatural work holy stone-tablet pavilion, resist bridge, stone image way, stone hope column, military officer, gentle official, star of Ling door, Pass door , star of Ling , roll over, to the Northeast, enter the subject part of the cemetery park. This sequentially on north and south axis to the mound of Dulong Buildings is as follows: Jin Shui Bridge, civil and military square door, filial piety imperial tomb door. Filial piety imperial tomb hall, inside red door, bright building of Fangcheng, Baoding, etc...
The ground timber structure building of imperial tomb of bright filial piety is mostly destroyed in the Qing army and the fights of the Taiping army of 1853, only leave buildings of bricks and stones such as horse's workshop, Jinyue tablet, inside red door, the wall, stone image way, bright building of Fangcheng, etc. the timber layout great, the rules and regulations are rigorous, imperial tomb way of the spirits turn on curved and long precedent influent Ming and Qing Dynasties.

>>Sea floor world
It is located in the beautiful ZhongShan Tomb and besides plum Blossom Mountain in Nanjing. It is the large-scale show project of marine organisms combining scientific education, amusement of viewing and admiring together. There are nearly more than 200 kinds, more than 10000 marine organisms in the sea floor world of Nanjing. Mainly make up by the hall, computer classroom, pavilion corridor , show area of tropical rain forest, seal performance hall, penguin hall, touch pool, seabed tunnel, people shark dance together performance District, sea floor cinema and newly opened dolphin hall ,etc. The sea floor world of Nanjing has shown the evolution of the aquarium of China to visitor, ancient palace type the water nationality jar to the natural tropical rain forest of simulation from China, can appreciate that bright in color coral fish with petite bodily form and fresh water tropical fish . The tropical jungle in the basin of Amazon, the big tree reaches to the sky, the bird sings thunderously, various colorful tropical zone make the scene and mix those honored guests of Amazon, all present to the visitors. And Hongshihuan penguin of honored guest coming from afar from Peru, South America is full of energy, await your arrival. The flood tide and low tide of the sea has formed some shallow ponds on the seashore, many little countless life there, you can personally experience the atmosphere in the sea here. It was the quintessence of the sea floor world of Nanjing that set foot on the automatic flat ladder and presented you before one's eyes --Seabed tunnel, 74 of total length, to let you have a taste of around Jacque strength glass of 180, it is that is pregnant with various incomparable wonderful lives. Which weigh up to more than 200 jin sea tortoise, more than 3 meters long shark, more than diameter one meters fish recreation the unrestrained one swim across from you head, everyone is very strange, too beautiful to be absorbed all at once, make visitors so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return, too plenty for the eye to take it all in. The performance is the tenseness and stimulation even more that the performance area soul-stirring person's shark dances together. Nanjing sea floor world dolphin hall is the East China heavy most advanced ocean theater, the ceiling of the building is bound with transparent glass, and the sunshine penetrates the surface of water directly through the glass. The whole dolphin's hall, the stage, performing pool and auditorium are combine together perfectly, have created the unique marine theme theater of East China.

>>Forest zoo of Red Mountain
It is Lie in the pavilion of east well of the north of Nanjing, the area is up to 83 hectares. Garden chain of mountains are green, animal cage raise and put in a suitable place to breed are combine together, add a lot of thrill interesting animal performance, the unique style and features of the forest zoo of a group of cities appears. Red mountain forest zoo already form certain advantage animal's population, the kind is up to more than 200 kinds, for instance Manchurian tiger, kangaroo, river deer, lesser panda, peacock, lion ,etc.. The rare animal in the garden are white tiger, Asiatic elephant, giant panda, seal, chimpanzee, black swan, red-crowned crane, etc...
Animal venue area loud, facilities are complete, the cage is raised and put in a suitable place to breed are combined together, not only favorable to the protected animals but also it is convenient for visitor to tour.
The birds are wild animals that put at the forest zoo of red mountain in a suitable place to breed first, there are more than 20 main varieties such as gray magpie, blue magpie, mountain turtledove, black turtledove, Chinese bulbul, parrot and so on, the forest are verdant and thick in the garden, green grass makes a pleasant shade, It is the ideal place where the wild birds perch and breed.
The topography rises and falls at the forest zoo of Red Mountain, with green hills and clear waters, with beautiful environment. There are bright red mountains, small red mountain, put all mountain peaks of Ox Mountain in the garden, have an elevation of 81.8 meters at most. The plant is abundant in the garden, there are more than 400 kinds of from pteridophyte to tall and big arbor, green coverage rate is more than 85, among them cedar, ginkgo, white Yulan, fragrant camphor tree, met-sequoia, red Chinese sweet gum form garden scenery of mountain region growing green and fleshing, have formed the unique style and features of the forest zoo. Garden have large area remit mountain region water and surface of water that form, slightly construct artificial renovation, become the good place where the aquatic bird perches .

>>Perch on the rosy clouds mountain in Nanjing
It is Lie in 22 kilometers in the northeast of Nanjing, have another name called She mountain, mountain have "perch rosy clouds precise room", so gain the name at the Southern Dynasties. There are three peaks to perch on the rosy clouds mountain, the highest peak is Sanmao peaks and 286 meters above sea level, have another name called phoenix's peak of circling in the air; One Northeastern mountain, the shape is called Longs mountain which the sharp like sleep; A mountain in the Northwest, is like the tiger, Tiger Mountain of the name. Perch on the rosy clouds has a lot of mountain of historic site scenic, the maple leaf of her late autumn, especially the rock cave of "east flying Aspires " found in 2000, become and make a name in the internal and external tourist.
Perch on the rosy clouds mountain in the South famously, because not merely one perches in the rosy clouds temple, there are Qianfo rock of stone engraving in the Southern Dynasty and Sheli tower of famous building of Sui Dynasty even more, also because the deep forest of its mountain was luxuriant, the spring and clear stone are high, the scenery makes people intoxicated, is praised as " the first bright beautiful mountain in Nanjing", have "clay cattle piece, perch rosy clouds in autumn " among the people. Shanxi side call Chinese sweet gum mountain range, have maple in flakes, to perch rosy clouds late autumn, maple leaf such as fire, ascend in a height, look far into the distance, very grand, scenery very pleasant, when to late autumn, the people of Zhonglou all visit of whole family, through cultivicate these years, one extends to annual mid-December to " float red ", visitors go on a tour and view and admire the maple leaf freer. Main beauty spot: Mingjing Lake, perching in the rosy clouds temple, Qianfo rock, Chinese sweet gum mountain range district, etc...

>>Scenic spot of Zhong Shan Tomb
Zhong Shan Tomb face vast level land, crouch towering green screen-like mountain peak, the meteorological phenomena is magnificent. There are commemorative building as Music Radio, actinic pavilion, flow emblem pavilion, face upward stop pavilion, Tibetan Scripture floor, etc., surround around mausoleum, form Zhong Shan Tomb main view of scenic spot like a myriad of stars surrounding the moon, have not merely placed lofty compliments and feeling cherished the memory of to Mr. Sunzhongshan of donor at home and abroad, and all the building classic's masterpieces, have extremely high artistic value.
Zhong Shan Tomb lie in southern foot of Zijing Mountain, great revolutionary bier of Mr. Sun zhongshan of forerunner, bury here on June 1, 1929. Zhong Shan Tomb build near the mountain, graveyard the overall situation take the form of alarm bell pattern, call on imperial tomb come here, the teachings of the deceased of " the revolution has not been finished yet , the comrade still needs to make great efforts " hover in the ear. 70 meters of discrepancy is in elevation of square that the coffin chamber crouches, ascend the stairs, the feeling of the lofty mountains is had suddenly. It is the subject building of Zhong Shan Tomb to hold a memorial ceremony for the hall, combine Chinese and Western architectural style together, it is 29 meters high, 30 meters long, 25 meters wide, in the south of three arched door of hold a memorial ceremony hall is ornamental engraving red copper pairs of door leaf, it is carves at the door forehead to be as follows: respectively Nationality, civil rights, people's livelihood. Inlay straight volume of Mr. Sun zhongshan handwritten "world healthy tendency "on the door.
The Music Radio is in the south square of Zhongshan. The area of the stage is nearly 250 square meters, there is a arousal large screen wall facing the gate of a house behind the platform, the wall is 11.3 meters high, it is 16.7 meters wide, have function of assembling the sound. There is curved monthly form Lianhuachi in front of the platform. Build segmental auditorium in front of the pool in accordance with the slope, can hold more than 3000 audiences.
The collect Scripture floor locates in thick forest high mound in the east of Zhong Shan Tomb; it is a classical building which imitative Qing Dynasty lama of the temple. The collect Scripture floor includes three parts of main building, monk's rooms and tablet corridors, the area is up to more than 3000 square meters, lay out into Sun zhongshan classical water chestnut place now, exhibit and present with respect and fit the precious historical data of the grand ceremony.
The actinic pavilion is the most exquisite commemorative building of hill district. The pavilion is the octagon, the angles fly in the layers of eaves, all construct with the granite, do not use a nail and a wood, design and build and have great originality, have typical national styles.

>>Zijin mountain
Ancient to called Nanjing mountain, call ZhongShan at Han Dynasty, because rock uncover mountaintop getting purple at the Eastern Jin Dynasty in sunshine, show getting purple splendor, see in the city, like secondary color gas and auspicious cloud, so have another name called Zijin mountain. At the time of the three countries, Zhu Ge-liang in Sichuan Province is sent as an envoy to Wu, says while watching the mountains and rivers situation of Nanjing: "Clock mound dragon curl, Shicheng like tiger crouch, real residence of emperor. " real imposing manner of mountain, " tiger and Dragon crouch " a language and general all. It is about 7.4 kilometers long from east to west, the north and south is about 3 kilometers wide, have an area of more than 20 sq. km. , the highest peak has an elevation of 468 meters, is the first of hills and mountains of Nanjing. Here's a towering pine and cypress, towering ridges and peaks, the green sea is boundless and indistinct , the mountains and rivers are beautiful, can go for an outing in early spring , go to summer resort in spring and summer, can also ascend a height and award plums, it is the famous scenery excursion district of Nanjing.

>>Presidential palace
It is Lay in the road No. 292 of the Changjiang road, here was the palace on day, late Qing Dynasty build two Jiang governor yamen into again here. The west Palace of west of garden have blocks of Western-style one-storey house, in stage of Qing Dynasty two Jiang governor proper individual spend the drawing room originally, amounts to 7. On New Year's Day of 1912, Sun zhongshan took up the post of the temporary president here, and then Sun zhongshan regarded this as the president's office and meeting room. West garden Northeastern of one Chinese-style building of side, call "Zhongshan hall ", it is Sun zhonhshan's bedroom, dining-room and bathroom, downstairs is a guard personnel's house. The Kuomintang rules period, it becomes Jiang JieShi's office towards the palace for a time, change into a presidential palace in latter stage. Having built a stand and exceeded the floor behind, Jiang JieShi works in room 119 on the second floor, vice president Li ZongRen works in opposite 118 rooms, the third floor conference hall is hold state conference at that time.

>>Massacre in Nanjing dies in an accident or political incident in compatriot's memorial museum
Located in compatriot site of the memorial museum died in an accident of Massacre in Nanjing of Japanese aggressor troop of river east gate of Nanjing, it was once that Japanese aggressor troops massacred the site and multiple burial ground of compatriot died in an accident collectively. In order to mourn for the compatriot died in an accident, the people in Nanjing built the memorial museum in 1985, extended again in 1995. This hall covers an area of 28000 square meters, with a construction area of 3000 square meters. The building adopts ashen marble to build building, powerful, solemn and unsophisticated. It is one with comprehensive tactics such as historical data, historical relic, architecture, sculpture, movie & TV, etc., show the exhibition hall of history of particular subject of the enormous tragic incident of Massacre in Nanjing in an all-round way.
This hall is divided into exteriors section, osseous remains displaying, historical data and displayed three parts altogether. The exteriors section have many Scenic spot such as group carving, Li carving, Fu carving, marker table, monument, poem tablet, Makes reparations tablet, withered tree, dilapidated walls, victim's list wall, green tree and so on, form growing and dying and sad and angry architectural style of commemorative graveyard of the theme. The appearance is in the osseous remains showroom of the form of inner and outer coffins, displaying the some victims osseous remains excavated out from "mass grave ", it is the ironclad proof of the massacre of Japanese aggressor troop. Take the form of coffin pit and in half an underground historical data display hall, display more than 1000 precious historical photo, historical relic, chart and witness the materials, adopt lamp house, sand table, clay sculpture, canvas, restore view, multimedia touch-sensitive screen, films and televisions display the means modernly, reproduce miserable history of Massacre in Nanjing, reveal the bloody savage act of the Japanese militarist.
This hall becomes international and prays in the peace and historical important place for cultural exchanges, it is "demonstration base of national education in patriotism "at the same time.

>>The XuanWu lake
It is Lie Nanjing city Northeastern outside the city wall, link with urban area by profound military door and liberation door. Claim before it at six dynasty moor with Sangbo, in the Jin Dynasty call by North Lake, the place of training the navy. In history except training the navy, it is the place that emperor minister travel in the ground, laid out into the park in 1909. It calls at that time to be Yuanwu Lake Park; it called five continents park, behind lake, etc...
Assume diamond in shape on the lake bank of the XuanWu Lake, girth is about 10 kilometers, cover an area of 437 hectares, about 368 hectares of surface of water. There are five continents in the lake, i.e. ring continent, cherry continent, Liang Zhou, green continent, water chestnut continent, divide lake surface into four films, there are bridge dykes that communicate between every continent, and it is easy to visit. It is very convenient for the land and water to visit. The roof beam continent is opened up initially, is the best place of scenery of Lake Region. The depth of lake water does not exceed 2 meters, breed fish in the lake, plant the lotus, in two seasons of autumn of summer, the surface of water is very dark green, pink lotus is set off into it, the full lake is fragrant, and the scenery is pleasant.
5 continents in the lake have their own characteristics. Say ring continent first, ring continent look like two enormous arm stretch from north and south both sides to the lake embrace the cherry continent. There is a rockery to the corner on the profound military door in the ring continent; there are two Tai Hu stone with peculiar form by the rockery, similar to Goddess of Mercy together, similar to boys together, by name the boy visits Goddess of Mercy. Characteristics of the ring continent are several rows of slim and graceful weeping willow of bank along the lake, the fresh breeze has been stroked, whirling to wave in the wind, have graceful bearing alone, and make people stop. This scene "Xuanwu smoke and willow "by name.
There is a winding veranda 500 meters long on the cherry continent, corridor the north have one of lamasery, have seven - storied pagoda by the temple, tower call "promise those ". Continent this wide to plant cherry tree, introduce a fine variety oriental cherry again in recent years, it is various for name to plant, continent very magnificent every April, meet trials and hardship relieve oneself fallen petals lies in profusion, very much the pleasant one slightly. This scene "colored sea of cherry continent "by name.
The over sweet-smelling bridge is Liang Zhou northwards from ring continent, there is one square ancient building of two stores in northeast of the continent, the name visits scenic spot floor. There is a platform in the north of the floor, there are iron railings that are enclosed and protected all around, comment the platform in ancient times. The west of the Floor have friendship Room, Wenji building, Hushen temple, etc. The northwest corner of this continent is a classical garden type flower bed, by one pile of steps of yellow stone, jar rainy winding path that stone pave, Wenji pavilion by the flower bed promptly. The southeast corner is two - storied buildings that a color and luster is simple and elegant, the design has much characteristic - -The restaurant of white garden, supply the lifelike fish's meal, fish's dinner in the lake every day. Characteristic of continent this chrysanthemum, when October of gold autumn annual, the drifting fragrance of the orange osmanthus, gladden the heart and refresh the mind; Chrysanthemum compete in beauty, make fan of people, scene this call "Liang continent autumn chrysanthemum ".
The over green bridge is to the green continent eastwards from Liang Zhou, there are buildings such as open-air theater, green continent stage, green rainbow drawing room,etc. in this continent. The characteristic its tree, that cedar like the huge umbrella, pagoda pine and cypress and bamboo grove in flakes of shape, very peaceful, it is lovers' paradise, this scene calls " the cloud tree of green continent ". Imitate Dai's conditions and customs and build the stockade village of water on water in the south of bridge of brilliance of the rising sun nowadays, the name "green Yi small pavilion", made up of small bamboo room of more than 20, there are bamboo bridges that link to each other among every room, visitor sit among room or sipping tea, or having meal, or playing chess, or singing heartily, if in the boat, the temperament and interest is unique.
The over water chestnut bridge can reach the water chestnut continent eastwards from the ring continent, there are zoos on the continent. Watch and raise several dozen kinds' rare animals such as giant panda, giraffe in the garden. This continent neighbors on Zhong Mount, Zhong Mount is spectacular like the swimming dragon, there is the mountaintop purple golden rosy clouds curl up, view and admire changeable purple gold rosy clouds from the water chestnut continent, mysterious, so call " the clouds and mists in the mountains of water chestnut continent ".
Have introduced a lot of large-scale amusement projects and added to the fun for visitor in Xuanwu Lake Park in recent years, As Xuanwu door right side are a equestrian course covering an area of 3000 square meters, the horses tamed, when ride and walk, cavalryman veteran protect subsequently, guarantee visitor security occasionally. Left side have lake visit train wind roof beam continent, ring continent, cherry continent, water chestnut continent northwards, arrive in Tailingdi directly . There are golf clubs and standard courts in the west of the water chestnut dyke of Taiwan.

>>Qin Huai River
From the east float water Mount Lushan and Jurong Huashan, from east to west, drop down Nanjing south of urban area murmuring, run into the Changjiang River along the Northwest of Shicheng. Qin Huai River is a tributary in the Changjiang River, the ancient name "the Huaihe River ", the real name "the dragon hides Pu ". when Qin Shihuang patrol eastward, look at purple gas ascension over the Nanjing, think means king, according to legend, then "dig the mesa and enter it in the river in order to show disrespect on in the disconnected long ridge ", descendant mistake this water for Qin Dynasty turn on, called " Qin Huai River ". " beautiful ground in the sounth of Changjiang river, emperor of Nanjing ," Nanjing city of Huai He Qin section is famous place of "5 the Qin Huai River", "six Dynasties the gold powder". Its two sides beautiful simple and unsophisticated scene, numerous humane famous historical site are reflect Nanjing old style and features of ancient city all without exception.
Go boating on Qin Huai river, a full Qin Huai River's conditions and customs to the limit. The two sides building, whose name is most long one ancient can trace back until the Jin Dynasty, it sees that local-style dwelling houses are intensive, commercial market stood in great numbers. Ferryman, ship mother are wear ancient clothes, shake Lu palm punt-pole, full aesthetic mood of visitors. Between the two sides, Beijing opera, song and dance, that dub in background music rise one after another, river prize oil lamp, overflow color flow gold, make people can't help recalling ZhuZiqing " thick liquid sound Qin Huai river of lamplight ".

>>Swallow cliff
It is lie in Zhishu Mountain of Nanjing suburban, one of the three famous river cliff of Changjiang River, outside door of Goddess of Mercy of north suburb of Nanjing. It is one of the norths of mountain of the rock. It has 36 meters only that above sea level. The north of the river cliff stone, the Northeast and the Northwest three hang definitely on river, the south border on to the land of river bank only. Because stone peak at the towering river, three sides to the air, look far into the distance like swallow spread the wings and want to fly and gain the name. Zhishu mountain is more than 40 meters high, connect with the river bank in the south, another three are rounded by the river, terrain very strategically located and difficult of access, swallow cliff grip great river is strategically located and difficult of access always, the river cliff puts the frightful billows and waves and takes the stone, tempestuous, It is the important ferry of the Changjiang River and military place. It is called the first cliff of ten thousands Changjiang River by people. The swallow cliff that crouches on the mountain is the best destination to view and admire ChangJiang science. Climb to cliff head, watch the billowing Changjiang River, vast and mighty, bold and flowing, and afford a magnificent spectacle. In the west Changjiang Bridge likes rainbow and spans on river, especially moonlight night, in the sky white moon, river surface glistening light of waves clear, river sail light and light. The swallow cliff has always been that the men of literature and writing have faced the famous scenic spot where the river pours out one's heart, Shikefa, Gong Xian and so on all have composed verses here. On the top of the cliff, there is a stone-tablet pavilion, in the pavilion stone tablet front, carve emperor to write " swallow cliff " three big characters by Qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, the back carve this person long live grandfather a four-line poem with seven characters to a line of the question: "Heard and moved round the river billows that year, saw under the turbulent waves foot shaking. But rise sand become green field, smoke and forest are dig and live long." There are several limestone and cave with stalactites and stalagmites at the square and cliff of swallow cliff southwest, in ancient times travel notes call rock mountain 12 holes, a main one have the first hold hole, Goddess of Mercy hole, two hold hole and 3 hold hole among them. the first hold hole is about 1 km from swallow cliff in hole, hole stalactite grotesque, Goddess of Mercy hole with their adjoin. All other holes views are also very much the same.

>>Confucius Temple
It is established in Song Dynasty; lay in the city center to lean towards the south, on the north bank of Qin Huai river tribute Courtyard Street. It is the flourishing downtown area formed after the culture and education centre develops, Confucius Temple which people usually talk about, real including Confucius Temple, the studying palace and mainly large buildings of tribute institute.
Whole buildings occupation of land very wide, border on the south of Qin Huai bank, from the Wende bridge to Lishe bridge, from the Yao s lane in the east, four good fortune lanes of west circle, the north is building health way eastern section. The ancient room is gone through and damaged, every generation builds and extends again, one pile of pavilions of heavy floor, splendid, by the beginning of member of a nationality of latter stage of Qing Dynasty, the word structure of the hall and overall arrangement, it is still the first of every province in the southeast. Our building of Confucius Temple being seen today, it was in the latter stage of Qing Dynasty that a part was rebuilt, a part, rebuild in recent years. Its subject face pool (companion pool ) and near the mountain, External Loop " ten thousand palace wall ", things workshop door carve Zengguopan original handwriting of " Personal character mix world" and " pass through at all times", It call main entrance door Ling star, back for Dacheng door. Pass strong Dacheng door to Dacheng hall, hold a memorial ceremony for Confucius specially; there are side halls in a palace or temple and long corridors. It is high Temple of God later on, the structure is tall and big, was the shrine of past dynasties sage of the past. Behind Temple of God is Zhi Mountain. There are Gu and forest pavilion. Jingyi pavilion on the mountain top can view the majestic appearance of Zhong Mount in the far distance; bow the panorama of Confucius Temple near. Jiangning building in the east of Confucius Temple which built in latter stage of Qing Dynasty, most buildings have already been destroyed now.
Every year lunar calendar in first lunar month first day to 18, here hold the lantern fair of Confucius Temple annual, lively and extraordinary. In 1985, the ancient buildings of Confucius Temple are repaired. Having also reconstructed the appearance of the city of the area of Confucius Temple, a lot of shops, restaurants, snack bar shop front all reconstruct into a style of Ming and Qing Dynasties, and build up the area of courtyard street of the tribute of bordering on the river into the antique cultural business street of travel; Confucius Temple has resumed former appearance promptly, has represented and held newly. Confucius Temple buildings by Confucian Temple, the study palace, the South tribute institute assemble; it is the quintessence of Qin Huai River's scene. Here can be visited for an hour.

>>Sheli tower
It is established in Sui Renshou yuan year (601), beginning wooden tower, destroyed in Tang Wuzong Huichang Dynasty. Extant tower department was built by Gaoyue and Linrenzhao in the south Tang Dynasty, from perch rosy clouds temple southern side mountain path eastwards competent and not far outside the enclosure, can see Sheli tower, this build with white stone, five layers and eight faces, it is about 18 meters high. The wall is carved with the relief outside the tower; the image posture catches the spirit vividly. Tower carve Shijiamouni appear story that family cultivate oneself according to a religious doctrine, hold fetus, born, went on a tour, ascetic practices, sat in meditation, statement, lowering evil spirit, nirvana sequentially at the base. This tower is eight dense eaves type stone towers of five grades, 18.04 high. Tower base have pictures as Shijiamouni eight pattern, fish, dragon, phoenix, flowers, etc. Body of the tower carved with picture of Tianwang image and Puxian ride elephant image, Wenshu Bodhisattva picture, "the artisan Xuzhiqian" which to inscribe one's name to still carved with the above. Carve to the Feitian, Letian, support people etc. under the tower eaves. On the Second each carve two round arcual shrine, carve one Fu every one, it is 64 altogether, it is meticulous to carve, very vivid. The model of the whole tower is refined, beautiful, with exquisite carvings, consummate, ornamental and magnificent, it is a masterpiece in the South of Buddhism art; occupy the important position in the history of ancient building of China.

>>The temple of chicken chirps
Also call ancient chicken chirp temple, it is lie in chicken coop on the east of the hill foot mountain mound, it is the oldest Buddhist in Nanjing that is stopped. Chicken coop in the east connect Jiuhuashan, border on the XuanWu lake in the north, west connect with drum-tower hillock, the mountain is 62 meters high, gain the name because the mountain lie is like the chicken coop perfectly roundly. Back with Lincheng of chicken coop, the umbrageous green tree all over the mountain, the green floats, with green hills and clear waters, the scenery is beautiful. Chicken chirp temple address location, belong to place of garden under country Wu at the three countries Dynasty, in the West Jin Dynasty Yongkang yuan year, rest on mountain and make the room here (300 year ), firstly set up in the rites place. After the Eastern Jin Dynasty, here lay out into court luxuriant administration, Liangwu emperor built Tongtai temple at the temple of chicken chips to eight year (527 year) in the Southern Dynasties, make here really become Buddhism famous scenic spot from then on.
Separate the way with the Tongtai temple and Taicheng (Gong Cheng ), the whole temple is built in accordance with the royal structure, large-scale, splendid, in fashion for a time, worthy of the reputation stopped for the first in " 480 temples of the Southern Dynasties". Because the worshipping of the emperor, Tongtai temple like Buddhism centre of the South at that time, the eminent monk Damo come Jiankang from India was live in here.
Liangwu emperor often reach temple statement for expound doctrines and experiences, audience exceed ten thousand, and four give one's life to the Tongtai temple for monk successively, take off emperor dragon preceded big robe, put on monk clothing, blow Buddhist monk life among temple, people are called " emperor Bodhisattva". Three year (538 year ) such as DaTong ,Tongtai temple to be struck by lightning on fire, lead to the fire in the temple, the huge temple have only auspicious appearance and cypress hall survive, the others all turn to dust and ashes?
After " Hou jing messy", go out of cultivation with Tongtai temple for many years, until the fact that 922 year Yang wu, build Tai city thousand Buddha institute with Tongtai temple site. It is claimed to Jingju temple when south Tang, contained the Hanxu pavilion, and then renamed as the Yuanji temple again. Afford to divide half place again to set up Fabao temple in Song Dynasty. When to the beginning of Ming Dynasty, there is one a small general to help in honorific Buddhist monk's temple only. 20 year (1387 year) in reign of Ming Emperor Hongwu, Ming emperor Zhuyuanzhang who found a state Ming ordered Chongshan officer Li Hou superintend and direct workers newly, build temple again with Tongtai temple site, dismantle old room of space, expand and extend, question volume that " the temple of chicken chirps". It is Through the Big reparation for 6 years by Hongzhi Year and enlargement in Xuande, Chenghua years. The scale of the temple expands to occupation one hundred mu of land, have the amount of people over one hundred to reside at the temple monk permanently. The temple is built by the mountain, have a special style, palace pavilions, a room space reach more than 30 together, look far into the distance, and venerate the garden solemnly magnificently.
Chirp to chicken temple have big repairs for two times, reconstruct the mountain door once in the period of being Ming Qing Dynasty. When Emperor of KangXi came to the south, climbed temple and ancient to stop question book "ancient chicken chirps the temple "the horizontal inscribed board of big character for this. In the 15th year of Qianlong (1751), the local officer patrolled in order to greet the south of early emperor and empress dowager, rebuilt Pingxu pavilion again, temporary dwelling place as staying temporarily. Among Qing Xianfeng year, it was destroyed in the war. Rebuild in the same year, only have more than ten houses, the middle is the small courtyard, and in the front is the main hall. To Zhi six year (1867 year), west monk of temple, raise money build Goddess of Mercy floor, building support general to cross all living creature, charitable Goddess of Mercy. What is interesting is chicken chirp out of the common Goddess of Mercy of temple, sit Goddess of Mercy for one until (face the north and look at), a bright reason of couplet written on scrolls on the niche for a statue of Buddha: "Ask why Bodhisattva sits, all living creature are unwilling to turn round that sigh. "The chicken chirps in the temple and also calls Goddess of Mercy pavilion, the floor of Goddess of Mercy from now on. Guangxu 20 year (1894 year), two Jiang governor hole of piece bring up the rear; reconstruct the hall into "Huomeng floor ", and handwritten horizontal inscribed board.
The chicken chirped in the temple and changed into Buddhist nun's rites place in 1958. During " the Cultural Revolution ", the temple of the chicken chirps destroyed seriously. In 1983, rebuilt chickens and chirped in the temple under the leadership of a sincere Master of Buddhist abbot. The temple has repaired the head mountain door, Goddess of Mercy hall, Mahavira Temple, Huomeng floor, Jingyang floor, Wei hall, rein in hall, Zhigong platform, pray to Buddha hall, pharmacist pagoda, Selection Scripture floor, law room, gesture room, chicken chirp temple opening to the outside world again, build mountain door, adjoin Lu treasure hall, bell tower, drum-tower, free pool building progressively shortly afterwards 1985. Since opening, the chicken has chirped in the temple and linked up the connection with Hong Kong and Taiwan and overseas Buddhism circle, often Buddhism visited this temple, exchange Buddhism culture, promote each other's understanding.
The chicken chirps temple after repairing is in the deep and remote and neatly and simple and unsophisticated, take on an entirely new look. Chirp by chicken temple way left side follow stone step walk unhurriedly, one yellow wall hole door head on and stand, hole door centre " ancient chicken chirp temple ", four gold word sparkling, this it is chicken that chirp the mountain door of the temple. Step into the mountain door, the give eat platform (the Zhigong platform) on the left. the platform forward is Mile hall, there are Mahavira Temple and the floor of Goddess of Mercy on it, hall enshrine and worship two heat up gold copper seated statue in a steamer by Sakyamuni and Goddess of Mercy that Thailand give, and has molded Goddess of Mercy image 32 in conformity with the body newly, has enshrined and worshipped it in the hall. The east of Mahavira Temple is Pingxu pavilion site; the west is a tower institute. All adopt blue and green stone to polish the carving craft in the tower courtyard, blue and green stone lays the ground, one and eight Taxies of pharmacist's pagodas of seven stores rise sheer from level ground. It is the fifth large pagoda where the chicken chirped in history of the temple. The ladders are verandah in the body of the towers, big and grand, reflect and take the rosy clouds brightness. Tower this known as, disappear pharmacist pagoda that calamity lengthen the life, includes the country is prosperous and the people live in peace and disappear Italy that pray that calamity lengthen the life for pilgrim, visitor. There are four big characters of "pharmacist's pagoda "of volume question on the main entrance of the south of the pagoda. Every the north engrave, have "the country is prosperous and the people live in peace "horizontal inscribed boards at the forehead. Enshrine and worship one statue of Buddha of pharmacist Buddhism copper in the tower, this picture is enshrined and worshipped in Yonghe Palace of Beijing originally, give Nanjing Linggu temple 1972, Linggu temple maintain, keep in city article, can in charge of statue of Buddha, pagoda build up, present to inside of the tower. Tower each have four niche for a statue of Buddha, carve for Ming Dynasty cash equivalent silk nanmu, the old thing of Zhongnanhai of Beijing, enshrine and worship statue of Buddha of a pharmacist who catches the wood in each shrine.
Goddess of Mercy floor left side for Huomeng floor, cover with floor, building very spacious and bright. The east of Huomeng floor is Jingyang floor. Two famous building are for support people lean upon a balustrade office that view in the far distance, already lay out into the teahouse and plain restaurant respectively today, offer good services to visitor, make visitors must use one side and sip tea and have dinner, one side face window award scene, scene to refined.
The chicken chirps of the temple is incorporates mountain, water, forest, temple into an organic whole, the environment is very quiet and tastefully lay out. The treasured temple is solemn, bronze statue of Buddha glitters, the pavilion is uneven in the temple, the hall is brilliant, float and pursue toweringly and emptily, the burning incense curls up, visitors are without cease. The exquisite statue of Buddha of building of hall of the temple is solemn; macroscopic hills are green and waters are clear temple beautiful dense shade green to stay people's step while being green; Step on great tower and look down at different mountains; the smoke haze is lush and strongly fragrant. Resist the mound of the clock in the east, is next to North pole in the west, puts and looks down Taicheng from a height, bow and face Xuanwu, the beautiful scenery of lakes and mountains, the owl wild goose in the lake, clearly noticed. To hand in spring and autumn whenever, stand on the tower, set eye free view in the far distance, ten thousand qing of lotuses, red and green and alternate, make up late such as Chinese palace, too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.