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Welcome to Nanjing!
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The exhibition information in Nanjing

The Nanjing educates equipment exposition display in 2005

Time: On November 10 -12, 2005
The displays place: Nanjing international exhibition center
Sponsor unit: Jiangsu Province educates learns, the Jiangsu Province higher education to learn, the Jiangsu Province vocational-technical education to learn, the Jiangsu Province adult education association
Undertaking unit: Nanjing collects the display service limited company

Exhibit article scope:
Education instrumentation equipment exhibition region: Higher education/common education /The duty teaches the teaching instrumentation equipment, the pronunciation classroom/Language study system, central control system, multimedia campus net, education network solution, modern distance learning equipment, modern teaching equipment, electronic tabular Rasa, physics/Biology/The chemical laboratory equipment, the equipment, the analyze instrument, the information technology equipment, the educates software, the audiovisual education equipment, the video frequency/Digital show platform, large screen, the projecting camera, the projecting apparatus, the computer, the network computer system, the compact disc engrave records/The copy is systematic, the multimedia teaching system, the pronunciation seeing and hearing system, the control system, the video frequency conference system, really teaches inspects the equipment, the laboratory complete set of equipment, the digital library, the specimen model, the teaching wall map, the teaching software, the teaching material teaching assistant and the teaching aid and so on.
Campus facility exhibition region: The campus monitoring, the campus broadcast, the stage equipment, monitors an exam the equipment, the campus network system, a campus cartoon system, the school rear service equipment, the dormitory thing, the dining room thing, the literary style facility, the environmental protection equipment, the laboratory furniture, the school uses the furniture, each kind of class furniture, the student apartment product, the photo electricity product, the office communication equipment, the library thing and so on.
Student thing exhibition region: Student cultural and athletic equipment, school uniform, student health foods, electronic dictionary, retaking courses machine, MP3 numerical code product, electronic audio and video publication, education software and so on.

Contract address: Jinglun floor 18 E of Nanjing city Hanzhong road N.108
Telephone number: (025)84714021, 84714031
Contract person: Mr Li
Mobile phone: 13815430170
Zip code: 210029
Fax: (025)84714041

The China (Nanjing) the international environmental protection technology, the equipment exposition

Exhibit the time: On November 24- 26th, 2005
The exhibit place: China of Nanjing international exhibition center
Authorization unit: People's Republic of China scientific technical department
Sponsor unit: Jiangsu Province environmental protection hall, Jiangsu Province science and technology hall
Undertaking unit: The Soviet Union Asia international display limited company, Jiangsu Province environment economical technology international cooperation center, Jiangsu Province foreign science and technology exchange center
Entire journey plans: Soviet Union Asia international display limited company

Exhibit article scope:
Water pollution handling equipment and technology: City life sewage and industrial waste processing technology and equipment; The city gives the water and the industrial used water treatment technology and the equipment; Saves water and the waste water resource application technology and the equipment; The water disposal system automatic control, the hydraulic engineering, the flood prevention resist natural calamities the remote control technology and the equipment; Water analysis instrument, water treatment medicament, material and supplementary equipment and so on; Bottled drinks only the water related equipment, the equipment, including the pure water manufacture, fills the attire, the decontaminating apparatus and the medicament and so on; Water clarifier, water purification equipment and equipment, membrane and membrane module, membrane raw material and supporting facility and related technology and so on; Each kind pumps, the valve, the pipeline, the fitting correlation equipment and the material; Each kind of pipe network examination and processing technology, material and so on.
Waste gas handling equipment and technology: The industry waste gas purifies, the dust removal, the desulphurization technology and the equipment; Automobile exhaust purification technology and equipment; The life smokes the purification technology and the equipment, eliminates smoke and dust technical and the equipment, the air pollution preventing and controlling technology and the equipment and so on.
Solid waste handling equipment and technology: City life garbage disposal technology and equipment, industry solid reject processing technology and equipment, reject resources recycling use technology and equipment, city environmental sanitation equipment, ecology public toilet, virulent harmful waste treatment technology and equipment and so on.
Noise pollution handling equipment and technology: Silencer, shock absorber, soundproofing facility, acoustics material, noise supervisory system and so on...
Other equipment: Other environmental protection technical equipment, engineering design plan and design idea demonstration; with environmental protection service industry correlation media, periodical, magazine, software and so on.

Address: South Jiangsu Province Nanjing peace road No 333 Jinling imperial scenery garden office building 6
Telephones: 86-25-84521101, 84521102, 84521105, 84692611, 84692612 (switchboard)
Contact person: Mr. Chen (84.528227 straight lines), Mr. Zou (84.52169 straight lines), Miss Li (84.52976 straight lines)
Fax: 86-25-84521108

2,005 Nanjing international modern domestic electric appliances exposition

The show exhibit time: On December 15- 19th, 2005
Sponsor unit: Jiangsu Province light industry association
Does jointly the unit: The Nanjing phoenix display limited company
The show exhibit place: Nanjing international exhibition center D hall
The arrangement of the show exhibit time: On December 14, 2005, 8: 30-17: 00
Displays time: In December, 2005 15 - 19th 9: 00-16: 00
Removes the show exhibit time: After on December 19, 2005 16 o'clock
The show exhibit place: Nanjing international exhibition center (Long Pan road No 88)

Produces the category:
Product: Home use seeing and hearing product; The home use refrigeration electric appliance, the home use air conditioning electric appliance, the home use clean electric appliance, home use ventilate the electric appliance,The home use kitchen electric appliance and the apparatus, the home use heating electric radiator, the home use fuel gas, the solar energy and the electric boiler, the home use cosmetology styles hair the electric appliance, the home use health care electric appliance, The intelligence lives at home the electric appliance product, the network electrical appliances. Small household electrical appliances class: The electromagnetic oven, the electric cooking pot, the soybean milk machine, presses out the juice machine, coffeepot, electricity canteen, electric iron,drink water machine, home use water purification plant, toaster and so on each kind of small household electrical appliances.
Necessary kind: Each kind of electrical appliances product original auxiliary material, each kind of electrical appliances product spare part and necessary

Address: Nanjing Pearl River Lu Zhuqiao No 8 in 607 rooms
Telephone: 025-85277026 84509150
Contact person: Huang Zonglin
Facsimile: 025-84509150
Zip codes: 210018