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Welcome to Nanjing!
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Nanjing Shopping

Nanjing local products make the find everything fresh and new, there are Nanjing brocade, gold leaf, rain scented tea, is velvet, wood carving, sparkling and crystal-clear and round, hide countless story of rain scented stone, juice polygenetic beautiful cherry, fragrant and sweet fine and smooth lily, small rose peanut of Nanjing, etc., these things are regarded as the hand letter brought family and friend, say to be full or economical as you like, differ from one another. Flourishing commercial block of Nanjing mainly distributed in city center XinJie Kou, Hunan way of the north city, Taiping road and Confucius Temple district of the south of the city. In addition, the electronic street of road of the Pearl River is famous.

The special product in Nanjing

>>Rain scented tea in Nanjing
Rain scented tea is a local product in Nanjing, and one of ten major well-known teas in the whole country too. It appearance round and green, pieces vertical, sharp point tall and graceful, there is pekoe, just like the pine needle. The rain flower is dark brown, fragrant, the flavor, shape are all good. After washing bubbles, dark brown and dark green and limpid, fragrance is elegant, flavor mellow, aftertaste sweet, can quench the thirst clear god, subdue dieresis of eating, breathe heavily, eliminate the phlegm, except that irritated to go oily efficiency. In great demand abroad from 1966, in regions of Japan, Southeast Asian, people regarded rain scented tea as the precious gift, presented relatives and friends.

>>Ivory carving in the style of the ancients
The ivory carving in the style of the ancients in Nanjing is very famous; the model of the products has personage, beast and various wares. It has recommended as one of the works of excellence of nine traditional crafts created newly in the whole country that “Wen Cheng princess entered hiding “for the ivory carving masterpieces produced in Nanjing. In addition “the Dragon Boat Festival dragon boat ",” hit and bring up by Tang people “and “beautiful clothing dance ",etc. ivory carving works well received by Chinese and foreign personages.

>>Paper-cut of Nanjing
This paper-cut makes and holds cutting as one hand, the actor is proficient, can at having paper of rough sketch for a painting, Third Five- minute only Plan Period cut appear various birds and flowers water flea, make marvelous. Embroider some changes and section ornamental style inside and outside the room when being annual and joyous always. Use “flower have flower, question have question, have detailed in being thick more at composition, see fairy in being clumsy", the appropriate one overstate and is changed, have stronger artistry and ornamental. Subject matter multi-purpose lucky partials of sentence form pattern make people produce happy association.

>>Rain scented stone
The Rain scented stone is a peculiar tourist souvenir in Nanjing. Abound with on Rain scented plat forming, Liuhe, river Pu, etc. place. It is the stone to be tough, quartz, chalcedony, precious gem that opal form, commonly called as “the colored agate of rain ". From appreciate angle to say, its can watch from color, line, quality, shape, 4 aspects. All aspects are having is the good thing.Tough, it is the mixture of things such as quartzite, agate, etc... In 1955, among the grave products of the Neolithic Age explored in Nanjing, found 24 pieces of Rain scented stone, have announced the people of Nanjing view and admire and collect history of spending stone of rain in above 5000 years at least. Masterpieces are raw materials that designer and craftsman use Rain scented stone now, ponders various handicrafts, praised as a new talent in the realm of art and literature of the jade carving.

>>Nanjing folding fan
There are bamboo folding fan, silk mandarin fan, carved bone fan, etc., making is meticulous, light and handy and esthetic, a good product in summer, it is an art appreciation product. It is favorably welcome with “big fan of art of Nanjing "particularly.

Nanjing is the famous producing area of cherry of our country. It is produced in the area of the XuanWu Lake more. The cherry continent of the XuanWu Lake, gain the name because of abounding with cherries. The variety has east pool, hanging down silks, blue and green leaf, etc... Pool east cherry for on present, is the heavy in grain the delicious, juice the polygenetic and gaudy, quality is extremely good.

>>Gold leaf of Nanjing
It is Have a long history, can trace back to the Southern Dynasties initially. East suburb dragon's pool town and JiangNing Garden Couty is the distributing centre of Nanjing gold leaf. The gold leaf production technology is unique, beat and make by hand, is a traditional craft of special type of our country, mainly used as the prescription of building, implements, Buddhism statue ornamental gilding and famous and precious Chinese medicine. The gold leaf of building decorations such as the Palace Museum, the Great Hall of the People, Potala Palace, Tibet of Beijing, etc. is the production of Nanjing, the gold leaf of Nanjing is still sold to countries such as Southeast Asia, etc...

>>Brocade of Nanjing
It is the traditional carrying the filigree and weaving handicrafts, the first of “treasure skill “of craft of Nanjing. Its materials are exquisite, it is meticulous to weave workers, pattern color is refined and rich, the magnificence like the bright cloud in the sky, so call “the Nanjing brocade ". It enjoys equal fame with Song Jin in Suzhou, Sichuan brocade in Sichuan, claim our country the three famous silk. The Nanjing brocade of Nanjing is solid with the texture, the pattern is simple and honest and graceful, it is a characteristic that color is rich and gaudy, use the gold line in a large amount, form the splendid unique style. Nanjing brocade specialize in palace to be hired, besides making the clothes and ornaments in the ethnic minority, export to foreign countries, make top-grade dress surface fabric now in the past. Nanjing brocade, match colors up to 18 kinds.

It is the traditional silk in Nanjing that weaves handicrafts, divides two kinds into the pure silk and silk cotton and interweaves, the pattern has difference carved and carved instead. The characteristic are with texture solid, fine hair dense and soft, color and luster calm spending ins and outs special clearly. The variety has blanketed. Velvet flowers are traditional handicrafts in Nanjing. Dyed into the fine hair with the silk, and then cancelled a piece of making with the steel wire. Take joyous ornamental flower as the core at first, and then the development bird, fish, worm's fine hair products for the furnishings to appreciate.

>>Wood carving
It is dividing into two big classes of the ancient wood carving and box wood carving. The wood carving in the style of the ancients is rough and strong, the color and luster is simple and unsophisticated and steady. Boxwood carve picture very fine, bright and clean and exquisite.

It is a traditional local product in Nanjing, produced in the east suburb plant of Nanjing to luxuriant Zhong Mount and other places. The crust is fair and clear, meat is plump, fragrant and sweet and fine and smooth, can also store for a long time.