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Welcome to Nanjing!
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The best time to travel in Nanjing

Nanjing belongs to the subtropical moist climate, the average temperature of the whole year is 15.3 ?, annual precipitation is 1106.5 millimeters, mid-June to the beginning of July is plum rains season. Nanjing in the past known as "stove", extreme high temperature up to 40 ? sometimes most July and August, generally at about 35 ?too. It is compared with other the South prominent climate characteristic that city go even farther Nanjing to be " cold in winter and hot in summer", snow chance to be most many on December usually, if you have chance with Nanjing meeting the heavy snow, that fires the imagination too, the snow scenes in the South show even more attractively.
So time that travel in Nanjing had better select in two seasons of spring and autumn. From February and March annual, the flowers of all parts of Nanjing will be competitively opened, the open initially ones include plum blossoms, and then there are peach blossom, oriental cherry, tulip, Chinese flowering crabapple flower, peony open in succession, Nanjing at this moment not only the climate is pleasant, but also the fragrance of flowers overflows, the view is agreeable. By September, October, except that be able to see and fragrance spread the sweet-scented of thousand meters, view and admire the maple leaf under the frost in autumn, still can taste Gaochun crab and melon and fruit and aquatic products in other autumn in Nanjing, can not only raise the eyes but also eat something delicious to get to Nanjing at this time.

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