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Welcome to Nanjing!
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Nanjing History

Nanjing have a long history, east suburb soup ape-man skull fossil that mountain find, prove that there was ancient mankind's life here in 300,000 years ago. There are appeared large quantities of primitive villages in 6,000 years ago. Large quantities of sites of ancient culture with representative of the negative and positive camp gathers in west of Nanjing belongs to this developing stage. There are having not seen records of cities and towns in Xia and Shang two Dynasties. Nanjing locate in "the clear tail" in The Period of spring and autumn Dynasties, as military front, Wu, Chu, Yue three countries set up cities. Have cities and towns that record four year (541 B.C.) of Zhoujing king, Wu set up LaiChu in now Gaochun county Gucheng village.
Zhou Yuan king four year (472 B.C.), Fanli build city on ancient and long Ganli, (today outside the Zhonghua door of the west of rain and flower road); this builds is the beginning of the city for the urban area of Nanjing.
A.D. 212, main SunQuan of Wu for the period of Three Kingdoms in Nanjing city site, utilize west natural cliff of hill foot run foundation build the stone city. Stone city was face river accuse of the Huaihe River, resort to strategically located place of difficult access, can preserve soldier tool instrument and provisions and funds for troops. So, it is the fortress of defense works along the Changjiang River of navy of Wu and city defence stronghold. Sun Quan founds a capital here in A.D. 229, starts in the city of Jianye city, this is a formal beginning regarded as the capital in Nanjing, had more than 1700 years so far.
The Eastern Jin Dynasty and known as "the Southern Dynasties" Song, Qi, Liang, Chen are old times successive 5 imperial court (317- 58 years), their capital was expanded on the basis of the Wu's Jianye city, changed to be to build Jiankang. Together with Wu before this, these are often called "six dynasties" by people, so Nanjing is known as "six dynasty ancient capitals".
South Tang during of Wu Dai - Shi Guo by the end of Tang Dynasty, Nanjing regard as country again, resumes southeast status of important strategic place in the past partly.
Zhuyuanzhang tablet mount emperor's throne in A.D. 1368, the title of a Ming, order in order to "Nanjing" in conformity with Yingtianfu, name of Nanjing to begin from at this time. Turned Nanjing into a capital of a country in 1378, found a capital in Nanjing for the first time, go through Hongwu, Jianwen, Yongle three emperors, 53 years front and back. Mingchengzu Zhuli move the capital to Beijing, regard Nanjing as "Liudu " , still keep the imperial palace ,set up such as 5 offices, 6 departments, examine central organizations and so institute, etc..
March of 1853, rises in revolt of Taiping army in Guangxi Guiping county Jingtian village enter to Nanjing. King Hongxiuquan directly as two Jiang governor administration, reconstruct into " Tianchao palace " in(1853-1864 year)the Taiping Heavenly Kingdom found a capital in Tianjing
Hereafter, Nanjing is used as the centre ruling southeast area by the Qing Government. And according to the unequal treaty "Tianjing treaty" which forced to order with capitalist big powers such as Great Britain, France, and etc. open Nanjing Xiaguan to commercial port.
The 1911 Revolution that broke out on October 10, 1911, has overthrown Qing Dynasty, bury feudal autocratic monarchy. In December of the same year, announced 17 provinces that rose in revolt represented and gathered in Nanjing, claimed to turn title of a reigning dynasty into the Republic of China, regard A.D. 1912 as the first year of an era of the Republic of China, regard Nanjing as the temporary capital, and elect Mr. Sunzhongshan as temporary president. Thereafter, rule ten warlord for over year, during 1949 and1927, the government of the Republic of China founded a capital in Nanjing once again.
In November of 1937, Japanese invading army divided into three and attacked Nanjing after occupying Shanghai. On December 13, the Japanese aggressor troop captured the whole Nanjing. As soon as the Japanese aggressor troop enters Nanjing, begin to extirpate the massacre of the man's world. My innocent compatriot is murdered and reached more than 300,000 people. After the Japanese aggressor troop captures Nanjing, sets up the general headquarter of Japanese aggressor troop in Nanjing, later on; reform government of taking the leader with Lianghongzhi and chieftain bogus government as the leaser of Wangjingwei are set up in Nanjing. Make Nanjing become Japanese, false to rule of the center. On August 14 , 1945, the Japanese aggressor troop declared surrender, it is held in Army Headquarters great hall of the road of Huangpu of Nanjing that " Japan , region of war of China surrendered and signed the ceremony " on September 9. May of 1946, capital Nanjing yet of national government.
At the night of April 23, 1949, PLA rowed across the Changjiang River, PLA advance troops heads direct for "the presidential palace " on the morning of April 24, insert the victorious red flag JiangJieShi arch over a gate of " presidential palace ". From then on, the world-famous cultural ancient city of Nanjing win new live, belong to the people's arms forever.