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Welcome to Nanjing!
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Nanjing Cuisine

Nanjing dish call Beijing and Su last course of a feast always, cook claim "Beijing Su Alliance". Nanjing eating habit raise the Huaiyang dish influence, but different from Huaiyang, taste simply light, it selects materials to be to pay attention to especially, raw materials usually, even can all make it into delicious food by the people in Nanjing of " edible wild herbs " that common people notice, the pickles should be the most tasteful table delicacies in Nanjing usually.
No matter the history records are recorded, or witness now, Nanjing people like take snack this fact basically change. Like snack kind that take from wheaten food to soy food, from meat or fish to a plain one, from salty to a sweet one, to steam, list from boil, it has to be then 10 kinds.
The large stone dam of Confucius Temple and Lion Bridge on Hunan road are the famous cuisine variety street. Hunan road have a lot of special snacks, such as aftertaste duck blood bean vermicelli, lion palace large meatball, Yin chicken juice steamed dumpling ,etc., have an opportunity to have a trial test.

The special product in Nanjing

>>Sour pepper fish
Fish iron at once putting cold water slightly with boiled water, cut ten son take knife in fish shoulder, put into boiling water and quick-boil it. The lard is cooked to 50% hotly, put the spring onions, the ginger, white pepper fry, produce perfume accede to clear soup, cooking wine, refined salt, 5 minutes after boiling, pull the condiment out, put the mandarin fish, soup roll and then move backward light fire stew 15 minute, boil with very hot oven, add the gourmet powder, pepper powder, loaded into fish's plate, spread the coriander, spring onions silk, drench vinegar, sesame oil water the soup and. then complete.

>>Pressed sated duck in Nanjing
The pressed sated duck was pickled with the salt brine, air-dried; divide the cured pressed sated duck and spring pressed sated ducks two kinds. Because its meat is delicate and close, like a board, thus have the name of the pressed sated duck. The manufacturing technology of the pressed sated duck in Nanjing has already had a history of more than 600 years, the cooked food liked eating for the people in Nanjing, therefore there are good reputation of "six dynasty flavors " and "one hundred good merchantable brands". The pressed sated duck appeals to the eye, to the sense of smell as well as to the palate. The layman is energetic, the fat skin of body is white, meat is delicate and close, the enjoying endless aftertastes crisply, fragrantly of food.

>>Stew fish ball
Shrimp grain, sausage grain, Facai dish piece, coriander, spring onions and fish are mixed thoroughly. Chicken clear soup cook and heat, fish crowd fish ball cook, boil then pull out. Romaine lettuce, bean vermicelli, put into slaughterhouse wait for condiment boil slightly with soy sauce; rank the fish ball to thicken soup to water above.

>>Fragrant belly of Nanjing
Its meat is formed closely, red and white, taste fragrant and soft and delightful, there is sweet taste, it is a famous dish on the feast, also is assisting and eating the good merchantable brand in the daily life. Similar to apples, easy to carry, the peel is as thin as cicada's wings, meat is delicate, red and white, the flavor is unique, lines of famous dish, go with rice or bread good merchantable brand too.

>>The fruit juice with fried the jerky
Slice the pork to strike loose, pickle, mix with the egg liquid thoroughly, admix and do the starch and the peanut oil is cooked to 50% hotly, put the shrimp chips, pull out after fry. Pull out pork after fry to golden yellow among oil. Cooks the cooking wine, jerky, and then drenches sesame oil and peanut oil with the fruit juice, fry and compete after with the shrimp chips band.

>>Duck's gizzard of Nanjing
The duck's gizzard form of Nanjing is oblate, meat is close, and it is convenient to carry. The gizzard meat is tight to be tough and to be able to bear chewing flavor, there is no greasy sense, and it is the delicacy treasure that the old and the young all like. Duck's gizzard is good present of Nanjing people that present treasure of relatives and friends, go with rice or bread, drink good merchantable brand of tea too. Its oblateness, meat is close, easy to preserve, it is convenient to carry, food is pleasant to the palate, is the good merchantable brand that everybody likes.

>>Pig's hands of white cloud
Cuts the pig's front trotters, open 2 pieces, and then chops the growth massive, Boils 5 minutes with the hot water, Bails out. Uses anther half pot water to add Onion and ginger, Puts in the pig's front trotters, After center the fire boils 30 minutes to take out, Uses the ice water to be icy cold immediately, After cooling bails out, Joins the monosodium glutamate, Cooking wine, Soup stock, The refined salt soaks the salt for 6 hours then.

>>Jinling salt duck
Nanjing produces the duck which feeds by the valley, fat and white color, and the pulp is fresh and tender. This duck raw material was with same year mid-autumn festival time "the sweet-scented osmanthus duck", after the hot salt, the clear bittern duplicate salt, took out hangs air-dries in cool place. After boils, fresh and tender taste delicious, the flavor is unique. Already became the populace universal affection to be a drinking companion delicacies in the area of south of Changjiang river.

>>Nanjing Pu vegetable
Hands down the Pu vegetable have 3000 years history. The Nanjing people manage it to be called the wormwood vegetable, actually Pu vegetable. It is one kind of rivers and lakes wild plant, most nearby reed pond, the seasonal characteristic is strong, in April and May go on the market every year, is one of vegetables which the people most likes.

>>Bean vermicelli soup of duck's blood
Make with duck blood bean vermicelli soup seem Nanjing has only. It is slightly hot to put the prepared bean vermicelli into soup, hold it into bowl, water the soup, the material put: Duck's blood, duck's intestines, duck's liver, hot pickled mustard tuber, coriander, chili oil. That kind of special and aromatic breath of duck's intestines of duck's blood blows against one's face warmly, well at the appetite of colluding.

>>Liuhe ox's chest
Called "the basin ox's chest" anciently, it meat the main material with fat ox foreleg, regard soy sauce, salt, crystal sugar as the adjutants, it was refined to adopt the unique traditional craft. Its color and luster is esthetic, taste delicious, fragrance is strong, entry mouth feel fresh, fragrant, crisp and not oiliness in being fresh, sweet in being salt, fresh in being sweet, fragrant in being fresh, it is a special skill in the beef delicacy to enjoy endless aftertastes.

>>Plain chitterlings
Make plain chitterlings must select raw materials of fresh, yellow color, pulling force heavy and soft thin louver (Qianzhang). Soak in about 40 degrees Centigrade of base solution of density 5 for 3 minutes, when stroking louvers has soft senses, pull the louver out, keep flat on the kneading board, push and roll one with the tangle chopsticks of two louvers, use the opposite angle parcel of square calico again, one is solid, twine the cloth angle of both ends along the chopsticks again, exert oneself to wrinkle to crowding to the middle, it is urgent that both ends are filled in inwards cloth corner. It is regular to wrap up the wrinkling type of the cloth like this, will not distribute while boiling. Finalize the design to poach after the louver is spooled, pull out and soak and cool, release the chopsticks to dismantle the cloth about half an hour later. if cut the well-done large intestine obliquely half an inch long, the batching can be made pickles such as spiced large intestine, sauced large intestine, steamed juice large intestine, etc.. Can also cook and braise into the meat or fish, plain "photograph of the whole family". Taste texture to be delicate, pliable and tough, the color is delightful in white, the image is lifelike, and flavor is fragrant and beautiful.

>>Stewed dish core
It is the historical famous dish of Nanjing area of Jiangsu. Nanjing plants have one green vegetables in the famous ten thousand bamboo plantation, call "short foot yellow" (because the short leaf fat, stem white heart yellow and gain the name). Use "short foot yellow" that make a lot of delicious food, a famous one "stewed dish core" most among them. 1930's of Shanghai "news newspaper" supplement" happy forest" special column once use "outstanding talent to hide" as the question of« Mystiques nuclear», publish articles and praise this dish " fresh and refined, have a boundless good flavor ". Nanjing has still kept traditional famous dish of this fund for over one hundred years.