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Welcome to Nanjing!
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The Festival celebration of Nanjing

>>Jinling lantern festival
Lantern festival in first lunar month 15 also is called the lantern festival day or the lantern festival. Around Nanjing lantern festival lasted 10 days, eighth day lights a lamp, 18 closes up the shop at night. The Ming Dynasty lantern festival is most abundant, to comments the matter street from Tan Bridge, the fish dragon keeps coming in a steady stream, bright with many colors. At the appointed time the whole families look at the lamp, everybody turning out. Afterwards concentrated the lantern light area to transfer to area the Confucian temple, until now whenever area lantern festival this very was still lively. Old times was fastidious "lights a lamp the lantern festival day and to eat noodle at close the night ", was said the food of Nanjing person in lantern festival period .

>>The plum blossom festival
in Nanjing's folk holiday, the worth mentioning is the plum blossom festival which is every year the late February conducts, is one of Nanjing liveliest holidays. This time is it may be said the Nanjing person happiest day, the plum blossom is in full bloom time every year, at the appointed time on the eastern suburb plum blossom mountain several thousand plum blossoms compete to open, have the tens of thousands of Nanjing people to well up to the plum blossom mountain view the flowers, look at the scenery, under the Zhongshan mountain, ten thousand miles huge crowds flower fragrances, splendid sight.

>>Crawls the top of a city wall
Crawl the top of a city wall in the first lunar month 16. This day Nanjing people all must enter a city with the family member or some good friends to visit scenic sites every year, the slang calls "to ward off bad luck", "treads peace". In the past the tourist mainly ascended three mountains, the stone wall, gathers valuably (China), the Tongji four city gates. Now only then gathers the valuable gate (the Chinese gate) to be possible to climb up. The first lunar month of Nanjing, the weather returns sunshine, outside leaves in a hurry, trades the fresh air, glows the spirit, has the advantage to the body.