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Welcome to Nanjing!
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The amusement in Nanjing

Nanjing is six dynasty ancient capitals in history, Qin Huai River in history is the most flourishing area of Nanjing, and 5 kilometers of so-called Qin Huai River are 5 kilometers of smoke and cloud. On the competent river of boat, tastes the good wine delicacy, song daughter and plays the zither, two sides are spreading the teahouse, restaurant, gambling house, brothel, noisy and noisy, singing and dancing usually. The prosperous scene. Nowadays, Qin Huai both sides restaurant, teahouse remain unchanged, bright red lantern laugh at in face of the guest all sides, go boating river review the old dream in the past , take place and think of ancient exquisite feelings , was full of the temperament and interest.
However Nanjing also is one of Jiangsu's lively metropolises, the modern entertainment project also is has everything. In order to let bustle about all day people or rushes about the first tourist to relax the body and mind, exercised the body. Night Nanjing is in debauchery, good play beginning time to. The nightclub, Karaoke, the disco dancing, the bar, the cafe and so on each kind of recreation area, may sing loudly heartily in here, wave, carries off the weariness which one day comes. In brief, the Nanjing various formats recreation area everywhere, the novel entertainment project pushes the level to new goods come into the market frequently.